JetBackup (cPanel Backup) 3.1.23 Released to STABLE tier

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JetBackup (cPanel Backup) 3.1.23 Released to STABLE tier

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JetBackup ( cPanel Backup ) v3.1.23 released to STABLE Tier.

Change log for this version –

Case 1380 – Fixed – Mysql users are not dumped as part of the backup (since v3.1.16 Reported by Jose Nobile).
Case 1379 – Fixed – GoogleDriveV2 auth token issues
Case 1378 – Fixed – GoogleDriveV2 doesn’t keep refresh token
Case 1377 – Fixed – Folders ownership not always restored properly in a Files restore mode in some cases
Case 1376 – Fixed – Email Restore failes when no rcube.db found
Case 1374 – Fixed – Email restore failed with “Unable to uncompress the backup file” error on SSH and Local backup destinations
Case 1372 – Fixed – Google Drive V2 auth issues
Case 1365 – Fixed – New licensing server issue
Case 1363 – Fixed – Google Drive V2 Destination issue – Fixed error while trying to save destination data (field cannot be empty)
Case 1358 – Changed – License check go to the new licensing server
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